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Sunday, September 7, 2008

my second cohousing head cooking trial

Tandoori murgh boti kebab (Chicken)
by aditya

This will be a non-vegetarian North Indian complement to my mother's vegetarian South Indian meal.

Vegetarian option: sorry, there will be no vege entree (too much work
on the carne entree for this occasional head cook), though the sides
will be vege

Carnivore option: grilled, moderately spicy tandoori murgh boti kebab
(skewers of chicken thigh/breast pieces) Rice or Naan depending on the
number of people signed up.

Kid option: less spicy chicken kebabs

Side Dish: saag aloo (sauteed mixed greens and potatoes North Indian

Salad: diced tomato, cucumber, onion with cumin, pepper and lime/lemon
dressing on the side

Dessert: fruit in season

Organic: where possible

Dairy: easy to avoid

Wheat/Gluten: easy to avoid

worked out to $5.84 per adult (scaled appropriately for teens and big kids) there were 30 adults and 10 kids in total.

cook with Tandoori murgh boti kebab

Tandoori murgh boti kebab