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Monday, August 15, 2011

so what do I do? teach him about congestion control?

I was walking home from my office staff picnic, when I prepared to be
solicited by a young, disheveled man selling some newspapers at the
corner. To my surprise he looked away and while I was starting to wonder
why, he muttered loud enough that I know it was intended for me, "Thank
you for coming to MY country and f**in it up." Not one to normally want
to pick on the down and out, I started to ignore it, but then felt
compelled to turn around and ask directly, "what was that?". I was
impressed by the fluid save, "I said Corporations are f**ing this
country up."

So I'm the wrong color? not knowing enough English to evesdrop?
spineless enough to not object? what? I wish I could read minds -- the
words are far too filtered to know what is really the case.